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"Home at Great Neck," Oil on Canvas,  20 x 16, Signed Lower Right
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Curator's Comments: Painted circa late 1940s. The scene depicts the family
home of Mr. Charles Tomick, a prominent Great Neck attorney of the time.  The
artist's son, Lee Berthelsen, is the source of the description. And the Johann
Berthelsen Conservancy has authenticated this painting. We are very happy with this
Berthelsen, especially so because it is NOT one of the typical New York City snow
scenes, which now appear much too numerous for our sense of security. We have
seen two of the New York City landmark scenes that were clearly copies offered at
major auctions, and a host more on E-Bay, where they are attracting ignorant bids.
Collectors should seek a professional opinion at all costs. Contact the Johann
Berthelsen Conservancy, which provides authentification services
by E-mail to:

Johann Berthelsen (1883-1972), favoring the steeply sloping multi-gabeled gothic
revival roof of Tomick's mansion is showing us the sunset snowfall's fusion of earth
and sky, repeated in the total glowing absolutely perfect color! We have now been
looking at this work for a long time, and we have become increasingly sensitive to its
serene power. The painting is about "home" in every sense of the word--as a refuge
from the elements and as a mental state that allows us peace in a world where our
ultimate resting place is known to us from the start. The car remains in the
driveway! Frankly, we think it epitomizes what Berthelsen did best, rendering the
snowy world with absolute beauty--really, this is an outstanding work.  We think the
frame is one of the originals treated with white spattering by the artist's wife.
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THE ARTIST ca. 1940
Berthelsen's nocturne set
a record high of $42,500 .
Home at Great Neck,
as framed.